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This country may or may not play a big part in the Pathfinder campaign. The Sundered Faith ladies walked through it before the story started- they mentioned being stopped at the far border and sent south on a safe detour. But the GM and I have been bouncing ideas back and forth about the city-states' designs, and Bushigesh (and thus Erushfold) came up. So here's a reference center for it. This is still very much a work in progress.

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Further world building for the Sundered Faith branch of my writings, concerning architecture this time.

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A work-in-progress listing of the Caldonian pantheon, complete with notes for use. They're based on Greek mythology, in that 'larger than life' sense, complete with 'anything humans can screw up, the gods can do bigger'. (I love soap opera pantheons. I just insist that there be good guys and bad guys, because I'm a giant wuss about needing somebody sympathetic to root for.)

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3 Mar 2012 09:10 am
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The GM will be writing some things for the Pathfinder campaign. (I will have to make up a proper calendar for better time-keeping.) So I thought it best to add a link here, to keep track of reference material. (Now back to catching up on my writing.)

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So the next section of the nameless NaNo (seriously, I need to think up a title) takes place basically in a huge temple complex. There's been a couple gods mentioned, a couple more bumped into, and a couple more who don't really matter at all. But I wanted to flesh out the pantheon so that, should the need for others arise, I already had them set. Also because Carmen pointed out Allekhor and Khory share stressed syllables and were they related? Which, as it turns it, is true, but is not explained here. Because this is just me setting up the eldest gods. The rest are from further down the line and are possibly far too in detail for religious myths than I need right now. (Though Astarte's abandoned holy symbol is absolutely hilarious to google. (The sheela na gig for those of you who didn't spot it.))

Anyways, I told Jachyra I'd post what I have of my cosmogony. It's not complete and nowhere near florid enough, but it's what I've got so far.

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I want to go to bed. I also want to wake everyone up and make them see this right now, because I'm so gosh-darned pleased with it. In the 'dear God, I'm never giving in to the architecture muse again' sort of way. Maybe next I'll finally get around to drawing full-body colors of Ted and Gabi to go along with. (I'm having trouble with Ted. She keeps fighting back when I try to get her down on paper.) For anybody who doesn't understand what this is about, just tell me my architecture looks cool. =)

I'm for bed now. I'm up waaaay past my bedtime. I just really wanted to finally get it finished.

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