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Linking all the NaNo stuff together. Mostly for my benefit, because my OCD requires it (let's not discuss the genealogy-tree looking thing that is my Scrivener file). But here for yours as well, should you want one place to go to for the latest updates. (All three of you.)

So, tentatively titled the big main story Sundered Faith. (Its current title in Scrivener wherein I'm compiling my notes. I never claimed to be subtle.)

Actual NaNoWriMo (heavily edited, still adjusting local dialect to more Old English roots (nitpicking flavor text is important))
Prologue (Last update: 05/17/12)
Part 1: Giants in the Earth (Last update: 12/06/11)
Part 1: Giants in the Earth (cont.) (Last update:12/06/11)
Part 2: The Wasteland (Last update: 12/06/11)
Part 2: The Wasteland (cont.) (Last update: 12/06/11)
Part 3: The Forgotten Temple (Last update: 12/10/11)
Part 3: The Forgotten Temple (cont.) (Last update: 12/10/11)
Part 3: The Forgotten Temple (more cont.) (Last update: 12/10/11)

Post-NaNoWriMo continuation (unfinished, still in the draft section of writing)
Part 4: The Motion of the Heavens (Last update: 12/10/11)
Part 4: The Motion of the Heavens (cont.) (Last update 12/10/11)
Part 4: The Motion of the Heavens (more cont.) (Last update 12/10/11)
Part 4: The Motion of the Heavens (oh god, where does it stop?) (Last update 12/10/11)

Other things that take place (these are here just to annoy me because this is the story I wanted to write for my NaNo and it needed too much backstory for me to get anywhere near it. Sigh)
The nonsense that started it all (Of which there is another 5k written, but I'm trying to avoid it so I don't write myself into a corner with what I'm doing now and voiding all the later story. It could happen. I've done it before, written the end before the middle was properly fleshed out and had to rewrite the whole thing because it no longer made sense.)
The Gray Gown
Cosmogony in the works

Arty stuff
Redone map of Caldonia for reference (I love making maps. Proof (And oh god, the bar thing, how did I not notice? *facepalm*))
Zoom in of Free Coast (for the as-yet-unnamed Pathfinder campaign)
(also, from the Pathfinder campaign, a sketch of some half-orcs)
Lee has done doodle portraits
also, costume design
I kinda fail at that myself


3 Mar 2012 09:10 am
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The GM will be writing some things for the Pathfinder campaign. (I will have to make up a proper calendar for better time-keeping.) So I thought it best to add a link here, to keep track of reference material. (Now back to catching up on my writing.)

Regarding Unclassified Arcane Object 0403402NΓα
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This next section took longer than expected, but at last it's done. Now to immediately get to yesterday's session.

Breaking and entering with a paladin requires some circuitous logic. Not that it's been used here. )
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An experiment in story-writing whilst still in the midst of campaigning. Each update will be of a session (of varying degrees of truthfulness, as dice-rolling sometimes makes for terrible fight sequences). These are all new characters for us, so I haven't had enough interaction to get a real good hold of the different personalities.

Bars are where most of these things begin. I wonder why. )

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