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Or A Complaint About Slash, As Seen In Star Wars
For those of you who would rather not be traumatized re:Everyone's Favorite Trilogies, you can stop reading now. )
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Reactions to Goblet of Fire as per an icon-maker.

Or, how to snark in ten words or less. "I suppose I'm okay with the pink dress. ... Even though it should be blue." There are other me's out there, people, and they want the blue dress too! Though I thought Harry ought to be kinda short, especially compared to Ron (always described as tall). Seeing as how Ron got regular meals and didn't have to be cupboard-sized and all.

(Never read bad fanfic. Harry is apparently taller than Ron (he has a twelve inch growth spurt the summer before 7th year, apparently), bedecked in gayboi leather (because girls don't see guys in normal blue jeans as being sexy, though I'll agree with the ick-ness any female possessing a little common sense has with the pants that start to where a guy's boxers end), and completely ripped via Quidditch. (Though I'll give on the fact he probably would have some serious thigh muscles. >_> Gotta wonder where abs of steel come into play.))

I think the unrequited!Myrtle is cute. "You could share my toilet if you die."

To get off that topic, sort of. Is anyone else annoyed by the boys/girls' club they made Durmstrang and Beauxbaton into? Admittedly I really don't want to see a guy in the Beauxbaton uniform- even though it was cute, in a 'hey, they make ten-year-olds wear that too? Are the teachers Nabochovs?' sort of way. Plus few girls would shave their heads just to get into a school. (Actually, I'd grow my hair out, because none of those guys can compare to Vin Diesel. Now there's a hottie who pulls off shaved bald . Yum. ... Moving back on topic now.) In the book, the fact that *both* schools accept *both* genders is stated. Y'know, the fact the Durmstrang girls all looked liked Marcus Flint and the Beauxbaton boys that the younger girls were cooing over? (Likely all gaybois if they had to wear movie!Beauxbatons uniforms. Maybe they had a darker blue for the guys.)

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