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So I'm a blog reader. I forget where I found this link (mostly because I read a blog, which'll reference another one, which will reference another one, etc, until basically it's like wiki'ing Dakota Fanning and ending up at the Great Barrier Reef. Sure it made sense while following links but you've got no idea how you actually ended up there.)

Anyways, somebody was discussing their NaNoWriMo and how, ever since they found Write or Die, they've actually stayed on schedule for their daily word count. (NaNoWriMo, btw, is the Nation Novel Writing Month. Write 50,000 words of a story. Do it in less than thirty days. The last week in November is when the actual word counts start.)

So, Write or Die. It's negative reinforcement of not writing, rather than positive reinforcement. Keep writing or your computer will make nasty sounds effects and suchlike. Set the level high enough, your words will start disppearing as you continue to delay your typing. Masochist that I am, I wanted to try it out. I banged this out in half an hour and am considering giving it another go to see where the story leads. (I have gone back and checked for obvious typos, but otherwise it's unedited.)

I always seem to default to Petra. I suppose it's because she's my most hashed-out character. )
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I have arted!

First off, a humorous tale of jailed girls. (A two-for-one deal of picture and story.)

And secondly, one for Odette, who needs a day off to finish reading my books.
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I was at Lee's place Monday night and was asking her for help in character design with my back-up character. Ildera is a half-elf cleric (father was a cleric of Cyric and her mother an evil moon elf sorceress). She's 35 (not too old for a half-elf, but still older than everyone else, discounting the elves), stands three inches over five feet, uses a scythe, and when you get her talking out of work, she tends to be philosophical.

She used to be a follower of Cyric (for people who haven't heard of him, very scary, very evil god of the Forgotten Realms), but something happened to make her change. Lee asked what it was on Monday, and I didn't know then. So I spent my Tuesday waiting time figuring it out and writing it down. Then typed it up and sent it off to the only person online (and thus only person able to give helpful advice, like "retake grammar class, stupid." ... Not really.) So here's why she went from chaotic evil to... uh, not evil. She's probably not good at the end of it, but neither is she obsessed with death and destruction.

Madness )

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