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Further world building for the Sundered Faith branch of my writings, concerning architecture this time.

The Sun's Exultation Chamber in Khoresbar

From inside the Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul, Turkey. The photo itself bears no literal resemblance to the chamber, beyond having a great dome. Architecture of Caldonia hadn't advanced enough to not need interior pillars, which this chamber in the Hagia Sophia is lacking. And obviously all the glowing glass globes are missing as well. But this beautiful basilica is what I went to for inspiration for the chamber. The chamber was originally an entire building in and of itself, so the opposite sides of the room's walls are just as lovely.

The mount, on the other hand...

Khoresbar Temple Mount

The Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. The Jaden temple is another Parthenon-like structure, so ignore whatever that brick is that the Mayans built there. Big and unsubtle is what the Jadens were going for here. And completely different to the gorgeous temple they were hiding. The interior is pretty, and the temple at the top is lovely, but the mount was built with speed, not aesthetics, in mind.

Farmer Giles' house

Actually a miniature for wargaming, this illustrates well the basis for Yeoman Giles' homestead. Minus the horrendous green paint job.

Lost Temple (illusion version)

A 3d render of the Parthenon, this model is larger than my temple, but is a good example of the Greek architecture I based the ancients' design on. Greek architecture is a universal imagining for old temples. (My temple's columns aren't fluted like these, but this one's frieze is helpfully unadorned.)
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