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So the next section of the nameless NaNo (seriously, I need to think up a title) takes place basically in a huge temple complex. There's been a couple gods mentioned, a couple more bumped into, and a couple more who don't really matter at all. But I wanted to flesh out the pantheon so that, should the need for others arise, I already had them set. Also because Carmen pointed out Allekhor and Khory share stressed syllables and were they related? Which, as it turns it, is true, but is not explained here. Because this is just me setting up the eldest gods. The rest are from further down the line and are possibly far too in detail for religious myths than I need right now. (Though Astarte's abandoned holy symbol is absolutely hilarious to google. (The sheela na gig for those of you who didn't spot it.))

Anyways, I told Jachyra I'd post what I have of my cosmogony. It's not complete and nowhere near florid enough, but it's what I've got so far.

Before the beginning of all things was there the nothing of Khaos. From the void emerged the serpents Aeon, Grandfather Time, and his consort Tekmor, Necessity. And wrapped they themselves about the void for there was naught else to cling to in this era before time. Khaos was vast, and the serpents did cling most tightly to better reach the other for comfort against the nothingness. And compressed they the void until Khory, the Earth-Mother, emerged from it. With the creation of earth, Aeon and Tekmor did release their tight grip upon Khaos and moved they Beyond.

Then did Khaos did expand once again to fill up all the spaces which Khory did not. And Khory, lonely in her isolation, did make Deep Serapis and the Vast Heavens to separate her from the bitter loneliness of the void. From Khaos emerged Dark Rhadamanthys to hide Khory’s creations, to better feed the void her loneliness, for the emotions of the gods are the strongest of all, and ever hungry is the void. The Heavens did create Bright Amera to combat the darkness. From their great battle did Burning Jadus emerge, and Dark Rhadamanthys did withdraw wherever Jadus did go. Wept great Khory at this fighting, for loves she all life. From her salty tears did Okeanos, the great World-Ocean, form.

Angered was the Heavens at this latest creation, for water may embrace the land where the sky cannot. Thus did the wily Heavens create sweet Galataia, to tempt Okeanos’ attentions away from bountiful Khory, that he might again have her to himself. Pleased was Okeanos with the Heavens’ beautiful gift and from their union came Khloris, from whom all mortal life is sprung. She did walk Khory’s lands, creating life as she pleased, for she was youngest and happiest and as free with her bounty as the Earth-Mother herself. Happy was Khory with the youngest of the first ones, for life was her love and Khloris gifted her with multitudes to bend her love upon.

Then did the Heavens conspire with Burning Jadus, who dwelt always in his lands. Envious was the proud sun of his generator’s union, for gentle Khloris had spurned his own advances and there was no one else to create such a union as Aeon and Tekmor had made example of, for Amera and Rhadamanthys did continue their eternal dance and Deep Serapis was just as removed from the realms of Khory as Aeon and Tekmor. The Heavens did tell Jadus to press his suit once again upon Khloris. But fond though she was of him, she would not have him. Angered by her constant refusals, Jadus did strike Khloris down.

The great waters did still, and Galataia wept even as Khory did bring Khloris to her wide embrace.

Dark did the lands grow, even without the conspiring of Rhadamanthys, and the sorrow of Khory did pass a shadow across the sun. Exulted was the Heavens at the Earthmother’s loss, but only in the silence of his own realms. Went he to Khory’s dwelling place and spoke he words of grief and sympathy, and the Earthmother, knowing not of the his duplicity, did turn into his embrace.

From the shadow of the sun did emerge mysterious Isis and moved she upon silent feet to where Khory did lay Khloris’ body down. Summoned she Serapis, the Gatekeeper, and bargained she for the return of Khloris’ spirit from the Beyond. Serapis did create the Wheel of the Beyond, to return the dead to the land of life again should they so wish it. No life can be unchanged by the knowledge of the Beyond and, though the Gatekeeper brought breath back to Khloris, left the genetrix of life all her knowledge of her first life and that of the what lays Beyond behind.

Thus is all life returned to and from the Wheel until the spirit itself is ready to move Beyond.
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