6 Jan 2011

On Editing

6 Jan 2011 04:58 pm
sundiver: (Consistency is Overrated)
So I've got 50000 words of text I need to proofread. I took December off because by the end of NaNoWriMo, I basically had the entire thing memorized and couldn't see typos because I knew what the sentence was supposed to say. Carmen happily helped out with a lot of the grammar stuff that I would've spotted during the proofreading, so I changed my save file stuff as she found them, but didn't bother changing the posts because I knew the big proofing was coming and am lazy and didn't want to keep changing posts a bazillion times.

Anyways, proofreading 90 pages. I catch things while reading, sure, but for editing, I really like having pencil in hand to scribble. (It's why sections of the story have a lot less changes. Because I actually *wrote* those, and then typed and editted at the same time. I don't really think/type/edit all at once. That would be crazy.) So now I get to break it back down into its four main sections, double-space them, and print them out. I think the proofing is going to take as long as the actual writing. (Well, maybe not, it only took me a week to do the prologue and section one.) I figured to save Dad from getting annoyed at me for printing out 100 or so pages all at once on the work computer, I'd do sections. Also it would keep me from staring at it in horror.

So, anyways, new version of the first parts now up. There's some more background flavor text (such as how it turns out to be the people of Caldonia don't actually speak the same language the girls do. It's not something I thought about until I hit some part of the second section and then there was no cause for mentioning those circumstances), but most of it is just minor tweaks.

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